walking on water

The day after Easter I woke to one of those dawns that has to speak for itself.

It started slowly.

IMG_2836I was longing for coffee and room service hadn’t opened yet.  I thought the dawn was over.  So with nothing else to do, I kept watching without expectation.  The sky pinked.


Entranced, I kept watching. Beams of light shot out from behind the clouds.

IMG_2859Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the light triangulated.  I looked around.  Was I the only one watching this?  I began to get overwhelmed.  Was God putting on a light show for me alone?  Come to me, God promises, and I will show you great and wonderful things you do not know.

IMG_2872The sun kept moving in the sky, and the lightbrush moved with it.

IMG_2886I stopped texting phone photos to daughter and boyfriend and kept my real camera fixed on the light.  It was changing by the second now, and if I’d taken my eyes off it I might have missed something.  I drew closer.

IMG_2911 And then closer.

IMG_2918The sunlight was walking on the water.

IMG_2945The heavens were telling the glory of God.

IMG_2965Who am I that thou art mindful of me?