hearing from God: 1 Corinthians 14


read 1 Cor. 14.   We humans have a tendency to over-complicate things.  We can feel overwhelmed.  We can dread things.

But God calls us to take some time out to listen.


If we do, we’ll hear Him say:  “Things are a lot easier than you make them out to be.”

God’s Spirit sings to us.  God has a secret language for each of us.  That’s what this chapter on “speaking in tongues” is about.

There’s nothing complicated about faith.  The only thing that complicates our lives is doubt.

The good news is that God knows all about our doubt. That’s why He never stops singing. He knows we need soothing, and He knows exactly what words we each need to hear.

It’s really the same message, over and over.

He loves us.

If we pray in the Spirit and sing in the Spirit, God will strengthen us, comfort us and encourage us.  And if we ask Him to interpret His messages, He’ll give us words we understand.  Our secret thoughts will be exposed.  We’ll fall to our knees and worship, knowing God is truly here among us.  We’ll fall to our knees in thanksgiving, knowing ourselves, knowing Him, and knowing He closed the gap between us forever on the cross.

If we want to sing, we just have to let go.

It’s that impossible.  And it’s that simple.

posted by Caroline Coleman in A Chapter a Day on November 8, 2014