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  1. It was lovely to meet you at PURE. I have a poem that is secondarily about a tree, which I was reminded of when I read your Nov. 3 blog. I’ll send it to you separately.
    I love the splash page photo of the reservoir on your webiste — that’s a view I had countless times — it reminded me that for many years I lived on E. 90th Street and often went there for exercise. Cheers to you.

  2. Hi Caroline
    Can I add that Esperanto is far from “utopian” – Esperanto is a practical proposition.
    Esperanto is indeed a living language.. More people speak Esperanto than Welsh, yet many people denigrate Esperanto whereas they would not denigrate Welsh.

    One thing that has held the language back has been the persecution of Esperanto speakers by both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Interesting then that although both these two individuals are dead, Esperanto lives on.

    An interesting video can be seen at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU Professor Piron was a former translator at the United Nations. A glimpse of the language can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for the input. The New Yorker article actually waxes poetic on Esperanto, mentioning that it has a rich body of literature. I’m not denigrating Esperanto or any other language – just asking whether the limitations are not in our languages but in our hearts!

  3. You are doing a very good job to this Society, please keep it up. Sorry I am not a Christian but was brought up in CSI School, where I came to know about so wonderful Jesus Christ – one who sacrificed himself for a very good cause; that is to save the Human Beings; not to be crucified any more, so he himself did accept that penalty as to save the mankind from such a misery. Of course we are all being as the children of God but Jesus being as the best. I like philosophy than any Religion.

  4. Caroline I have never met you, I am looking for guidance:

    There is a man that has a girlfriend. This man went out of town and went on a date. This man continued to keep in touch with the woman his date by email, text and phone calls. The girlfriend has no idea that her committed relationship has been broken by her boyfriend until later. The girlfriend learns of this date and of many others. The girlfriend is heartbroken! The man she believed a true Christian was nothing but a man guided by evil. Portraying himself as a Christian while sending emails, texts and making phone calls to all these women while professing his love to his girlfriend.
    What evil make a man present himself one way to all only to be hiding the truth of the depth of his deceit? In the Bible where are the examples of deceit and as humans how do we deal with this? In the Bible where are the examples of true compassion for the ill treated? In the Bible where are the examples that we learn forgiveness?
    Compassion for the hurt, the mistreated, is much needed.

    • I’m sorry, MJ. That sounds heart breaking. Those are big questions, and I can’t pinpoint one place where the Bible answers them as it happens on every page. I suppose the more we let God lovingly show us our own flaws, and the more we see how we hurt others, the more easily we can forgive others. We can’t change others but we can always trust God to bring us joy and peace that transcends our circumstances. I pray that one day God will provide you with someone far more wonderful and kind, someone lovely who deserves you. Praying for you and yours. xo Caroline

  5. Ms Caroline I have been reading your writings and I wanted to speak with you about the thoughts you express. Went to this contact page and read the postings, which most are positive a few question you and it is interesting to see your replies. There seems to be a defensive mood in your replies.

    Caroline the reply to MJ was in my perspective extremely critical of a soul searching for help. You while trying to show compassion you demonstrated your lack of knowledge of the bible, or was it the true lack of caring? The uncaring vague answer that the answers are on every page was insulting. The comments about how this person needs to see their own flaws, “see how we hurt others” is as if you are stating that MJ had done something wrong ? The post sounded as if MJ had been hurt why should MJ be criticized by you with such comment like” frees us from hatred and revenge” You have assumed there is “hated and revenge” in this persons heart. I do not read that in the message sent. Only sadness. You have sent a reply that I am sure that MJ read and it was difficult to take.

    You have a creditability issue. Demonstration of faithful knowledge is from one that has studied, taught and lived the life of a true follower. Connections that you make are of irrelevance matter. The matter is what is within you head and should not be held as if it is the word. Your critical response to Brian that he did not understand what you were trying to relate in Esperanto . Again the defensive replies leads an individual to believe that you are not as deep in the knowledge you seem to represent. It is the phonies of the day that lead to the mistakes in the future. Becareful in your writings, the damage could be harmful.

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